[gourment] My new favourite rose tea & pastisserie

laduree the marie antoinette paris travel hilary chan photography laduree religieuse rose framboise paris travel hilary chan photography

I am not a big fan of sweets, but recently I fell in love with this rose flavored pastisserie called Religieuse Rose Framboise from La durée. Though I love macarons from Pierre Hermé better, I have to admit that La durée also makes very tasty pastries and not to mention its marvelous classy decorations and packagings. This piece of Religieuse Rose Framboise is a cream puff with rose flavored cream together with fresh resperries. The tea is also my new favourite, as I have always loved rose tea and this one I tried in the tea house in Paris, and I decided to buy a can of it home.

Thé Marie Antoinette 14,9 euros
Religieuse Rose Framboise 6,7 euros

Ladurée Champs Elysées, 75 avenue des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris


[Vintage] Vintage Stores in Paris

The area of Saint Paul/Le Mairais in Paris is famous for vintage boutiques. You can find very interesting items in this street with attractive prices. I bought three bags for just 25 euros, quite a nice deal! I think it is a heaven for stylists and for people who wanted vintage styling for photoshoots.

Metro Line 1: Saint Paul

Here are a few shops that I like:

Vintage Desire (Nice and cheap leather handbags)
32 Rue des rosiers
75004 Paris

Mamz’elle Swing
Rétro et New Retro Shop
35 Rue du Roi de Sicile
75004 Paris

Kilo Shop (where they charge by weighing items)
69/71 rue de la Verrerie
75004 Paris

After some shopping, it is nice to have some ice-cream in Pozzetto (my friend Cécile recommended to me) in 39 Rue du Roi de Sicile and Amorino Gelato Italien (famous for flower shaped gelato) in Rue Sainte Croix de la Baetonnerie.

[Lingerie] Delicate lace of Chantelle

Hey guys! It’s incredible to be sharing what I love on my personal blog. In my photography blog I had to narrow it to sharing my latest work to keep it consistent. If you have followed my works for awhile, you will know I have a few things that I really love – little black dresses (or dresses in general), high heels, lingerie, hot chocolate, make up, hairstyles, dance, and anything pink in color, and many more.  I believe I have filled these things in my own photography work as I love it so much. This blog is dedicated to the things I love. In this blog post, I would like to share with you a lingerie brand that I love – Chantelle.

The first time I met Chantelle was a few years ago when I visited GalariesLafayette in France. Its delicate lace and design has caught my attention among many other brands. It is also incredibly comfortable with its shape crafted by their tailors. France is famous for lingerie 😉

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My favourite Little Black Dress – Afternoon Tea

My favourite Little Black Dress - Afternoon Tea

This piece is the same dress from the very first post, yet appeared in a setting of afternoon tea. This image is taken by my very good friend Sarah on my birthday. Since this photo, people often think I always go for afternoon tea (and hence everyone dates me to go…) but in reality I do, sometimes, go for tea and I literally just drink tea…I became a little scared of eating sweet cakes and desserts. I enjoy meeting friends and talk over tea (my favourite is English Breakfast Tea) in comfortable restaurants & bars. I love the top part and the straps of the dress.

Dress by H&M.
Photo by Sarah Chan at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Sexy Back

Sexy Back

This piece of dress was got from Zara. Zara has become one of my favourite places to shop, given its consistency in giving relatively good quality, comfortable, highly affordable and body shape flattering designs. The staff is well trained (especially the one in Pacific Place, Hong Kong) & the stores are clean and stylish. I favor classic and simple designs with flattering cuts, therefore I shop often in Zara. It surely won a lot of hearts of fashion lovers who don’t necessarily need designer pieces.

As a photographer, I find sexy angles for backs of women, aside from legs. Though every woman has their own sexy angles, the back often provides extra sexiness. Something very sensual…and more space for imagination. Images without the face or blurry images are often being picked out as favourites in my portfolio. Maybe women are always prettier without seeing the face 😉 (that’s what we think & that’s why we love blurry polaroids). We often see dresses that can go on the red carpet events have sexy back.

Dress by Zara.